Santorini, Greece A Dream Destination Spot

Santorini is a chain of volcanic islands located in the southern Aegean Sea. The name of this island comes from Santa Irini’, and it is officially called Thera. In previous days, It was circular in shape and thats why the name is strongly. The volcanos eruption destroyed the centre of the island, causing it to sink and creating the present world Santorini. Today it is favorite tourist spot in Greece. It is the home of some spectacular landscapes of the world. The sunsets of Santorini are known to be the best in the world. Santorini is famous for its yachts and boat trips. It provides a unique boating experience to the visitors. You can easily rent a yacht for a day or two or even go to a boat trip to some volcano. The whole island is surrounded with amazing landscape and spectacular beaches. Visitors specially visit this place to experience this wonderful place with 32 square mile water basin. Few very beautiful and traditional villages are situated at this basin you can say its a lovely place to enjoy. Each house of this village is white in color with blue windows leaving the observer mesmerized and inspired with its beauty. These houses have been built away from the sea. The main reason for this was the fear of pirates at earlier times. The names of some of the villages are Immerovigli, Fira, Oia, and Firostefani. The weather of Santorini remains sunny for most part of the year. Humidity levels are high but overall climatic conditions are perfect for a destination spot. evia There are a number of churches to visit in Santorini. The Archaeological museum and The Naval museum are located in Fira, which is the capital of the island. Some other famous museums include The Megaron Gyzi, The Folklore museum, Santorini Wine Museum, The Bellonio Cultural Centre and Library and many more Santorini. is also famous for its wine industry. The volcanic eruption helped in creating a soil that favors the growth of varieties of grapes. The most predominant grape variety is Assyrtiko. It is then used to make dessert wine, which is quite popular among the local inhabitants as well as tourists visiting this destination spot. The night life of Santorini Island is lively and buzzing. A number of cafes, bars, and night clubs provide the visitors with the great deal of entertainment. Some cafes offer you with some tremendous sunset view locations along with tasty food making Santorini a perfect destination spot of romantic couples evia. No wonder it is one of the preferred honeymoon vacation spots in entire Greece. Some hotels provide with live Greek music making you aware of the local culture and heritage. Couples prefer to visit this island for their marriage ceremonies also. So if you are in love, this is the perfect destination spot where you can take your loved one along with you and have a mesmerizing and enthralling experience.

Travel To Croatia

Have you ever heard about Croatia, a beautiful country located in south Europe. Croatia possesses a rich culture and a fascinating history. If you want to have more information about this home of beautiful sights then it is a good idea to read this article. Do you want to visit Croatia You can choose among three common options that are train, air and bus. There are several airports in Croatia. Some of the busiest airports are Dubrovnik airport, Pula airport, Split airport, Zaghreb airport and Zada airport. You can fly to this country from all major airports of the world. Some people like to travel by train. You can find both direct and indirect train routes. There are many direct trains from the countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Hungary. It is a good idea to travel by train as you can enjoy the beautiful sites on your way. There is one more travel option that is by bus. You can get a direct bus from the countries like Italy, Montenegro, Hungary or Austria. There are many places to visit in this beautiful country. Croatia is the closest destination to the Mediterranean Sea in the central Europe. Croatian National parks are known for their natural beauty all over the world. Some of the famous national parks are National park Plitvice lakes, National park on river Krka and national park paklenica. Where to Stay There are several accommodation options. You can rent a hotel room according to your needs. I would recommend you to hire a boat. By hiring a boat you can travel along the coast of Mediterranean. There are thousands of Islands along the coast. In this way you don`t have to move from one hotel to another and the boat rent is same as compared to the rent of hotel room. Croatia is a popular honeymoon destination. It is a good idea to spend one of the sweetest days of your life in this country evia. There are many couples who are dreaming to enjoy the romance of Croatia. You can find many tourist companies out there which can arrange a private tour for you. You can also opt for group tour as private tour packages are little bit expensive. There are many travel deals available nowadays. It is a good idea to go through these deals. In this way you can save some money. A tour package can be bought through internet. There are several online tour agencies which are offering tour packages at reasonable rates. A tour package contains air ticket, cab, hotel and many more resources euboia. It is a good idea to plan everything in advance with your family and tour operator. You should find enough information about your destination country epaggelmatikos odigos euboias. Have you ever heard about last time travel deals You can save some amount of money if you opt from last time travel deal. Thanks to the internet that you can buy a travel package at the comfort of your home. Never forget to compare the price of the packages available on the internet.

Hot Honeymoon Destinations

I’m sure you’re thinking of something romantic, something peaceful, and something where you’re both going to have fun, something for more loving, dining, and wining. Honeymoons are not only the perfect time to start a life of marital bliss with your loved one and enjoy each other’s company euboia. It is also the best time to explore a different place to relax and enjoy. Every bride must have at least a 100 or so ideal honeymoon destinations listed in their wedding planners. And every place is as romantic, as fun and as unique as the next name on the list. So what are the world’s top 50 get-away destinations of honeymooners Modern Bride reveals the names. The sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii maintain its spot in the top ten for ten straight years. There’s also Tahiti, Bermuda, Bali, the Caribbean waters of Jamaica, Maldives and Barbados. Other seaside get-aways include the British Virgin Islands, the U. S. Virgin Islands, Seychelles, the Bahamas, Florida and Cayman Islands. With the beaches, the white sand, the sun and the fresh breeze, these destinations offer perfect water activities for you and your honey - from swimming to diving, to snorkeling to getting that tan. Sip a refreshing drink and go island hopping. Of course, European attractions made it to the top 50. evia Go exploring in Italy, Greece, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Scandinavia, England, Iceland, Switzerland and Scotland. With their splendid architecture, museums and art galleries, not to mention the European cuisine, honeymooners would get the perfect romantic mood exploring France and the Eiffel Tower or dining in one of the five-star restaurants in Italy. There are also the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland and Iceland for winter honeymooners. Go to South America and bask in some sexy, steamy Latin American honeymoon experience in Mexico, Costa Rica, Antigua, Aruba, Poconos, Argentina and Puerto Rico. Eat Tacos, take photos of the adobe houses, shop in unique, native shops, and join in the merry and sexy music and dancing and live street performances. And of course, live the American dream in some of these USA honeymoon destinations - St. Barths, St. Lucia, Las Vegas, New York, New Mexico, St. Martin, and Alaska. Other honeymoon toppers include: Fiji, Aguilla. Turks and Caicos, Australia, Belize, South Africa, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Canada, Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For the honeymooner wanting to save, affordable destinations include Mexico, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Florida. Water activities especially snorkeling and diving are best at the Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos and Tahiti. For winter honeymooners, there’s Colorado, Switzerland, Canada, Utah and Austria. And for the couple who’d like to party on gourmet food, don’t forget Italy, France, New York, California and Las Vegas. For some privacy, a Tahiti honeymoon provides the perfect seclusion for you and your loved one. Go exploring culture in England and enjoy the nightlife in Las Vegas. Costa Rica is perfect for the adventurous couple with its rich and diverse scenery and landscapes. Other recommended honeymoon destinations are Chile, India, Turkey and Cook Islands. Whether it’s a secluded island or beach front in Hawaii or the Bahamas, a romantic cultural experience in the streets of Florence and France, or an exploration of exotic culture and cuisine in South America, the important thing in a honeymoon is the company. With romance, the perfect food, the perfect setting, and the perfect company, a new life ahead with your loved one may prove to be a honeymoon in itself.

Hotel Marketing Ideas Demand Calendar - Hotel Revenue Management Tool

So how can we make informed decisions about our pricing strategies I mean decisions founded on solid data and statistics. A demand calendar is the answer for your revenue management operations. A hotel needs an extensive revenue management demand calendar show multiple demand indicators to appropriately analyze market situations. Sounds nice no But what are we talking about. . . . The most basic version of a demand calendar you contain the following information; RevPAR last year Groups or events last year Demand level indicator last year (High, Medium, Low, Distressed) Demand level indicator this year Bank holidays School holidays Exceptional demand indicators Hotel marketing plans So a lot of the information is easy to get euboia. RevPAR last year, groups or events in the hotel etc, can be retrieved from internal PMS data. Te determine if school holidays or bank holidays affect you you should run arrival statistics of last years holidays per feader market (country) against their holidays. This way you can see if any particular school or holiday from a particular country affects your hotel. It will allow you to target it intelligently with special offers and packages this year. We have done some leg work for you and put together an international holiday calendar for half of Europe. It includes holidays and national festive days in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain (and provincial celebrations like in Catalonia), Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. We use this calendar for the hotels we manage to determine if any country specific holidays affect our demand, in a negative or positive way. It also allows us to create promotions targeting specific vacations or celebrations. epaggelmatikos odigos evias The document is based on Google Docs, shared with all our clients to expand and add countries and holidays etx. . . We are working together to make become stronger epaggelmatikos odigos evias. . . The data and information from the demand calendar can now be integrated into your OTB (on the books) and pick-up summaries. It will give you a much broader view of where your hotel is trending. In the end informed decisions are better decisions, leading to better results!

Worlds Most Unusual Places

Our planet is full of places that offer spectacular views, bizarre topographical features, and a variety of flora

Tinos Greece, A Cycladic Island

Tinos Greece is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, part of the Cycladic archipelago, 78 nautical miles southeast of Athens. It has had name changes through history, including being called Ophiussa, for the snakes, and Hydroessa, for the water. Aristophanes called it Skordoforos for the quality of the garlic grown here. The Cyclades Islands are most likely remnants of an ancient mountain chain that once connected Greece to Asia Minor. Historically, Tinos island has been inhabited by the Phoenicians, Ionians, Athenians, Macedonians and Romans. Tinos island was named for the first settler, Tinos. After Roman times, Tinos Greece became a possession of the Byzantine Empire. It was a remote colony, and the target of numerous pirate raids by Turks, Arabs, Saracens, Sicilians, Huns and Goths. Along with all this civil uproar, Tinos island in Greece was geologically challenged, being the site of frequent, very destructive earthquakes. And to further add to the chaos, epidemics plagued the population. Tinos Greece has never been geared so much for development as for survival. The feudal Byzantine system, with knights owing lands slaved over by peasants, was replaced when the Venetians took over in the 1200’s. By the 1700’s, this Greek island was part of the Ottoman Empire. After the Turkish invasion, Tinos island was relatively free of restrictions placed on the people of nearby islands. The people of Tinos Greece were allowed to wear traditional garb, not being forced to wear a fez. They also built their own schools and churches. In fact, Turkish boats did not land on this island without he permission of the people. evia Today Tinos island has a population of about 8000. It is famed for its 20 windmills, 1,000 dovecotes, 50 villages. It is noted as a place where Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic peacefully coexist. Tinos island’s capital, Ermoupoli, is quite unique. It is the one of the most important port in the archipelago. Much of this Greek island’s success is due to marble. A noted, beautiful green marble is mined here, as is asbestos and granite. Marble brings artists, and indeed, Tinos is an art center. Many sculptors and painters live and work on the island. Tinos is sometimes referred to as Small Paris. Perhaps the artists are inspired by the unique and varied landscape and many beaches on the island. Or maybe it’s the the highest mountain, Mt. Tsiknias, and the quaint village it protects. . . or maybe it’s the nearby area. scattered with boulders, some the size of multistory houses. The people of Tinos Greece remain inspired by a miracle, and they commemorate that miracle every August 15, the Feast of the Assumption. On 15 August 1940, the people were celebrating and the ship, Elli, was in the harbor, fully decorated. An Italian submarine sneaked into the harbor, attacked and sank the ship, because Greece had broken diplomatic ties with fascist Italy. But, the Italians had also fired two more torpedoes, aimed right at the piers, crowded with people. Neither torpedo detonated, sparing the people. This miracle was attributed to the Virgin Mary and every year the people of Tinos Greece remember, and celebrate. Here are also a couple of more travel tips which can help you out while visiting Greece.

Dubai Travel Info Useful Tips For Your Dubai Holiday

Dubai Travel Info for your Dubai Holidays Dubai Travel Info: Useful information on Dubai before traveling to this Emirate to avoid (unpleasant) surprises. In this section the following topics will be discussed: * Dubai Public Holidays * Time in Dubai * Dubai Currency : How much is my money in AED or Dirham * Dubai Maps * Banks in Dubai * Hospitals * Education in Dubai * Dubai Visa Information * Useful addresses and phone numbers * Dubai Insurance * Do and dont’s * Dress code * Weather in Dubai * Learn Arabic * Crime in Dubai * Electricity and Water * Television in Dubai * Shipping goods * Mail / Postal service Dubai Public Holidays, Dubai Holidays, Dubai Ramadan, Dubai New Year Dubai public holidays are in 2008: 1 Jan New Year’s Day. 10 Jan Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year). 20 Mar Mouloud (Birth of the Prophet). 30 Jul Leilat al-Meiraj (Ascension of the Prophet). 2 Oct Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan). 2 Dec National Day. 9 Dec Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice). 29 Dec Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year). Dubai Currency, how much is your money in AED or Dirham The official abbreviation AED is often written as DH or Dhs in many shops but that is incorrect and unofficial. The dirham was introduced in 1973 And is sub devided into 100 fils. It has been pegged to the U. S. epaggelmatikos odigos evias Dollar since November 1997: 1 U. S. Dollar= 3. 67290 dirhams, Or 1 dirham=0. 272264 dollar (rate of may 10, 2008) The banknotes are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 dirhams and the coins are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 fils, and 1 dirham. The 1, 5 and 10 fils are struck in bronze, with the higher denominations in cupro-nickel. Visa For Dubai A visa for Dubai is not always required. There are several types of visas for visitors. Citizens of the Arab Gulf Co-operation Council(AGCC) memberstates (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia) do not need one just like nationals of the following Countries: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,Greece, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican City. Weather in Dubai,the Climate of Dubai and Dubai Weather Forecast The weather in Dubai can be definitely described as hot. The Dubai weather is most pleasant between November and March. The temperatures in the winter Varies around 23 degrees Celsius during the day. In the summer the temperature is between 40-50 degrees celsius. Annual Weather Dubai with minimum and maximum average temperature ( in C) per month: January ( 14/24C), February ( 15/25C), March ( 18/28C), April ( 21/33C), May ( 25/38C), June ( 27/40C),July ( 30/41C), August ( 30/41C), September ( 28/40C), October ( 24/35C), November ( 20/31C), December ( 16/26C) The sea temperature during the year is between 21 and 33C. The number of hours that the sun shines varies from 8 to 11,5 hours per day while the Humidity is between 80 and 90%. So the humidity remains high during winter. In the summer both high humidity and high temperatures make the climate of Dubai a very uncomfortable one. Electricity and Water of Dubai Rental Properties Electricity and Water are handled by DEWA, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, which was formed in 1992 as a merger of Dubai Electric Company And Dubai Water Department. Utility bills are settled directly on a monthly base with the DEWA when renting an apartment or other property. Voltage: The voltage in Dubai is 220v. Most sockets are three pin (exactly the same as in the UK), although adapters for two pin plugs are available at most hotels. Those using US appliances will require an adaptor to handle the difference in voltage. Appliances purchased in the UAE will generally have two-pin plugs attached. Drinking water: Tap water is safe to use although bottled water, which is served in hotels and restaurants, is recommended for drinking. Water and electricity prices in Dubai. Residents pay 3 fils ( 1 UAE dirham=100 fils) per gallon and will continue to do so as long they do not use more Than 6,000 gallons, the price will then go up to 3. 5 fils per gallon, and even 4 fils per gallon for consumers who sap more than 12,001 gallons from the tap. Electricity fees will range from 20 fils to 33 fils per kilowatt hour depending if usage exceeds 2,000 or 10,001 kilowatt hours. There is no mains gas supply, so gas appliances must be fed by canisters connected via a tap outside your property. Address:Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Building, Al Karghout Street P. O. Box 564 Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Holidays to Greece for Newly-weds

A lot of newly-weds planholidays to Greece and it’s easy to see why. It is one of the most picturesque places in Europe, and its position on the coast of the Mediterranean means that is has sublime coastlines which are perfect for exploring with a on foot or with a snorkel. Watersports are also very popular too, especially for windsurfing, as it gets a decent warm breeze on most days. Honeymoon packages here can be very luxurious, but if you’re working with a budget do not fret inGreece cheap holidays are fairly easy to come by. Santorini encapsulates the romance of the Greek islands. This volcanic island, with its links to the fabled Atlantis, is both mysterious and irresistible. It has pretty blue-domed churches (over 250 of them, in fact), whitewashed houses, friendly locals and sunsets to die for. Rhodes has to be the island with the most honeymoon resorts and some of the best and cleanest beaches in Greece evia. Try the beach at Kallithea with its hot medicinal springs and wild, rocky crags. Afandou beach is the place to relax with your lover with its long, sandy beach and numerous tourist facilities. If lazing on a beach isn’t your thing, there are lots to see and explore together. As well as the Aquarium and Water Park, visit the Acropolis at Lindos. Fascinating. And be sure to take your spouse to the romantic Valley of Butterflies, with its cool running streams and groves of trees. AGreece holiday must include a trip to Crete, especially for honeymooners. Renowned for its rocky coves, sandy beaches, enchanting villages and harbour, it is the location of the famous ruins at Knossos. euboia There is a lively nightlife with many bars and eating houses. The romantic island of Corfu has long been a favourite of newly-weds. It has a lot of the features of many of the Greek islands but is famous for lush vegetation, calm, warm waters, quiet coves and bays. There is plenty to keep you both occupied. The Paleokastritsa monastery has a museum housing a collection of rare Byzantine icons. The Sea Shell Museum is popular and has the rare Cypressa Fultoni Shell as well as other strange artifacts. Spinanada Square is a lovely place to take your partner. There are several archaeological sites as well as lots of charming bars, cafes and restaurants to refresh yourselves. Mykonos is an idyllic place to visit, and it would be ideal to spend a couple of nights here. It combines a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, typical Greek villages and luxury hotels, many of which do honeymoon packages. It is famous for its whitewashed windmills, from which one can overlook Little Venice, the picturesque part of the island. Look out for Petros the Pelican, a celebrity of the island who likes nothing better than to pose for photographs in exchange for a tasty tit bit. Mykonos also boasts numerous cafes, bars and jewellery shops - a memento of your honeymoon perhaps There are also museums of folklore, archeology and the maritime life of the island.

The Worst Holiday Gifts Ever!

Ten of the worst holiday gifts you can give to friends and relatives from abroad. 10. Some wacky item of clothing. Something that looked great and was perfectly functional on a sun-kissed beach will not have much use during a US Fall or a British autumn. Or summer. It will never be worn, ever. 9. Anything electrical. epaggelmatikos odigos evias Our electrical plugs are a certain type and quite unique. Luckily they match our wall sockets, which is more than can be said for the plugs of virtually every other country. And they use a different voltage. In other words, dont even think about it unless its for someone you dont like. 8. Any music recorded in the native tongue. That song to which you indulged in drunken revelry could, when translated by your foreign friend over a polite dinner, be revealed to be something akin to an end of the pier shocker that could certainly turn the air bleu. 7. Some local currency. Theres always someone who thinks that a few coins with a street value of 27 pence or cents will make the perfect gift for a child. Dont be surprised if they ask you for the same amount in local money instead. The same applies to stamps. 6. Any food that was hot when it was purchased. Believe it or not, people do find a kebab shop in Turkey whose wares simply have to be sampled by the folks at home. Reheated yoghurt is never a good idea. 5. Anything you can get from Wallmart or Asda. You might be surprised that you can buy our local favourites all around the world now. Even Jaffa Cakes and PG Tips are available south of Cornwall, but the sense of wonder doesnt travel well. Even with a foreign price tag. 4. Something exotic that you hope will add to someones special interest. Your uncles a wine buff. You buy him some wine from abroad. It cost a pound. Hell serve it to you next Christmas. 3. A copy of some ancient artefact. Holiday destinations with a historical edge to them, especially Greece, Italy, Mexico and Egypt, churn out these items by the lorryload. euboia Theyre vases, statues, mosaics and such like. The owners of the originals buried them what on earth do you expect anyone to do with them today 2. Anything from Amsterdam. 1. Anything bought from the airport, especially Duty or Tax Free. Or more accurately, buying something from the airport and then trying to pass it off as a genuine gift from your destination. Youll fool no one. And contrary to popular belief, this isnt better than nothing.

Why Take A Mediterranean Cruise

A Mediterranean cruise is without doubt the most varied type of cruise available. There are more than 120 seaports around the Mediterranean coastline, offering numerous combinations of cruise vacations over one-week, two-week or longer trips. A huge clash of cultures await all who opt for a Mediterranean cruise. You can visit no less than 17 different countries, including such nations as Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt. Each nation has its own unique attractions, all of which you can sample as your cruise ship gracefully sails around the calm blue Mediterranean Sea. More than 50 companies offer cruises along varied routes in the Mediterranean. Some companies specialize in providing Western Mediterranean cruises, concentrating on ports of call around Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Morocco. Other companies offer Eastern Mediterranean cruises which take in Croatia, Greece, Turkey and countries in the Middle East. Popular specialist Mediterranean cruises include a tour of the North African nations, a Mediterranean islands cruise that visits the island nations of Cyprus and Malta, as well as cruises around the Greek Islands. If you’re after a longer vacation, it is possible to arrange a cruise itinerary that takes you around most if not all of the Mediterranean nations. History, culture, grand cities, ancient monuments, romantic islands and breathtaking views are all within easy reach on a Mediterranean cruise. In the Western Mediterranean you can discover the traditional white Andalucian villages of Southern Spain, sample the world-famous Manzanilla sherry in Cadiz and visit the cultural hub of Europe in the shape of Barcelona, before travelling onwards to the French Riviera. A cruise that takes in the wonderful coastline of Italy yields such treasures as the dormant volcano of Mt Vesuvius, ancient Pompeii and the stunning city of Rome. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia hold many delights too on a Western Mediterranean cruise. In the Eastern Mediterranean, cruise passengers can discover the spectacular Croatian coastline and its beautiful city - Dubrovnik, before diving southeastwards to sample classical Greece and its sultry islands. The island of Crete is always worth a visit, if only for the historic Palace of Knossos. A visit to the holy city of Jerusalem is a worthwhile excursion from both Israeli ports - Haifa and Ashdod - on a Mediterranean cruise of the Middle East. Egypt’s Port Said is well worth a visit too. Port Said provides access to the world famous Suez Canal, which takes vessels into the Red Sea and onwards in to the Arabian Sea. The Mediterranean region has seen many a civilization rise and fall. It is a crucible of human evolution and is rich in relics left over by more than 6,000 years of occupation. If you’ve ever wanted to discover what it felt like to be an Egyptian pharaoh, Roman warrior or a Greek philosopher, a Mediterranean cruise can give you just that opportunity. . John Metcalfe http://www epaggelmatikos odigos evias. azcruises. com.